Xceptional Wrapper For Xtratherm’s Pallets!

We are proud to share that we have supplied and installed a rotary arm pallet wrapping machine into Xtratherm’s Ireland factory.

Xtratherm are a household name in the construction industry with both trade and domestic customers across the UK and Ireland benefitting from their extensive range of insulation solutions for any type of floor, wall, and roof cavity. They are leaders in their sector for innovative and sustainable insulation products, owing to their tireless research and development.

For many years Xtratherm have wrapped their pallets of insulation board semi-automatically but were looking in late 2019 to automate the process with a bespoke stretch wrapping machine. The challenge was to find a system large enough to handle their entire product range, the largest of which measured 1200mm x 3000mm long, whilst keeping the wrapping costs and environmental impact per pallet low. Negating health and safety risks posed by machinery to their workforce was also a priority for the firm.

Meeting every detail of Xtratherm’s requirements, we supplied our extra wide automatic rotating arm stretch wrapping machine built by world-leading manufacturer TOSA. Its larger frame meant that the film dispensing arm could completely encircle every size of pallet with total ease, whilst the pallets could remain stationary during the process to guarantee load stability. The perimeter of the machine was fully fenced for operator safety and a light curtain sensor was integrated to detect any human entering the machine, which would initiate an emergency stop. The equipment also boasts a high stretch capability of 250% to achieve more coverage from each roll of pallet wrap, reducing the cost of every wrapped pallet to Xtratherm as well as their overall plastic consumption.

The pallet wrapper was delivered and commissioned in early October 2019 and thorough operator training delivered to Xtratherm’s team. A complimentary service contract was included to keep the machine running at peak performance for years to come and detailed film recommendations were given to achieve a seamless, total wrapping solution.

Seamus Hartnett, Projects Manager at Xtratherm said ‘I am delighted with the rotating arm wrapper which has been running smoothly for over six months now. It’s transformed our despatch process which is now more efficient as a result and it’s minimised damage to even our very largest insulation boards during transportation. YPS were very knowledgeable and professional throughout and delivered on every aspect of our requirements.’

Jonny Braithwaite, Sales Director at YPS continued ‘It was very rewarding to work with an innovative, forward-thinking company like Xtratherm. I’m pleased that they are now safely and reliably wrapping their insulation, saving costs on every pallet and reducing film consumption. I hope to work with them again in the future as they continue to lead the insulation market.’

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