Shrink Wrapping…It’s All Rolled Up For Panaz!

Panaz are the front running designers and manufacturers of a range of flame retardant fabrics for the international healthcare, hospitality and marine contract industries, with their fabrics being shipped all over the world in roll format. In order to speed up their packaging process and keep up with consumer demand they looked to automate and so we are pleased to announce that we were able to provide them with a unique two metre wide side feed sleeve sealer into their Fence-based factory.

Previously all of their fabric rolls were placed into bags by hand, however as a result of to unprecedented growth a faster and more efficient method was sought, hence the need for a shrink wrapper.

The shrink wrapping equipment which we offered consists of a two metre wide side feed sleeve wrapper ( which currently the largest in the UK of its type) coupled with our double chamber shrink tunnel.

This system is unique for a number of reasons other than just its size. First of all the shrink wrapper is capable of automatically detecting the diameter of each roll which then affects how that pack is sealed in order to provide the tightest possible bag around the product prior to shrinking. This is beneficial for them as it allows random product to be fed and consistent, high quality presentation results to be achieved.

Secondly, the direction of product flow through the system is unique and suited specifically to this product. When their products are pushed through the shrink film and the bag is sealed around the fabric, the pack in all other systems would then continue on in this same direction into the shrink tunnel. As the pack is cylindrical it is sealed wide edge leading but then is presented to the shrink tunnel narrow edge leading. Whilst virtually unique, it does provide the absolute best finished pack presentation for this type of product.

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