Shrink Wrapping…It’s A Yorkshire Thing!

It’s twice as good if it’s from Yorkshire – as the delivery of a second shrink wrapper into the rapidly expanding factory of Yorkshire Crisps in Sheffield goes to show.

Yorkshire crisps first began production in 2005 and have have been a real success story, going from strength to strength with their range of premium crisp products, which are made using only natural ingredients.

One of their most popular products are speciality tubs which are supplied in packs of 12 in a 3×4 format. Initially a manual sleeve wrapping system was supplied by us which provided a much tougher pack than they previously were able to achieve, and also meant that they were able to experience reduced cost by removing the need for a cardboard base.

With continued growth however, within one year, the need for a faster system arose and so we quickly responded by supplying them with a side feed fully automatic sleeve sealer.

This was modified in a number of ways in order to be able to handle a single lane feed of round tins and then collate them consistently into a 3×4 format.

In particular, the pusher system was centrally mounted in order to be able to provide a final long push to ensure the finished collation was transferred into the shrink tunnel in one clean sweep, this is something which is critical for trayless collated products.

Tony Bishop, General Manager and part owner commented  ‘We didn’t consider any other supplier as we had been more than happy with the first line as well as YPS as a vendor and so it made sense to maintain a proven standard.’

For us, it is important to get the infeed arrangement right for this type of pack and so having supplied this specification to various food companies over the years we knew that we could provide a machine that was just right for the job!

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