Premier Profiles Select Yorkshire Packaging

The installation of a fully automatic sleeve wrapper in to the Doncaster site of Premier Profiles, a subsidiary of Polypipe PLC, supplier of extrusions for the window industry has once again proved why our shrink wrappers are the most superior on the market.

The packs which are being shrink wrapped are over 6 metres in length, making them potentially tricky for some equipment to wrap. As a result of this the machinery we supplied consisted of one of our fully automatic inline sleeve wrappers capable of wrapping products of unlimited lengths.

In order to comfortably load each extrusion, the infeed conveyor of the wrapper was extended using a heavy duty free standing wide pitch conveyor. The outfeed conveyor on the shrink wrapper was linked to Premier’s existing conveyor meaning that the whole 6 metre length could be easily wrapped.

In addition to this, the heat tunnel was specially extended with a double chamber design which ensures that the packs have enough time to shrink and due to the of the weight of the packs, the heat tunnel steel mesh belt was upgraded to incorporate side chains.

Finally, to ensure that a tight pack was achieved, smoothing rollers were added at the end of the shrink tunnel to flatten down the excess shrink film width and with the help of a powerful after pack turbo fan we ensured that the film reaches maximum handling strength in the shortest possible time.

As Adrian Simmonds, Engineering Manager at Premier Profiles, explained “Our old system had become increasingly unreliable with the quality of pack presentation deteriorating. The new YPS system has improved packing speeds and presentation and is 100% reliable.”

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