New line seals irregular seafood perfectly every time

A Scottish-based major shellfish supplier was finding their previous shrink wrapping system was just a fish out of water in their operation, unable to consistently seal their products.  Following consultation with the our shrink wrapping team, they now have a YPS-supplied l-sealer that matches their needs hook, line and sinker.

The Challenge – Wrapping irregular products

The producer was looking for a shrink wrapping line that could wrap whole, individual crabs and lobsters, plus trays of langoustines, with a consistent shelf-ready finish, despite the variability in size and shape of the shellfish.

Having previously used a flowrapper for this operation, they were struggling with inconsistent sealing, as it didn’t cater for the irregular products.  This machine needed constant and consistent feeding to operate, which meant it continuously used film, creating excess material waste.

Equally, the new packaging system had to be fit for a modern, hygienic food production plant.

The Solution – Stainless steel l-sealer

We supplied an SLX305 stainless-steel-bodied, automatic l-sealer. 

The new line included modified product sensors which are fundamental to catering for the unevenly shaped products.  These sensors also ensure that the sealing jaw activates only at the right moment, protecting the delicate shellfish.

The sealing jaw delivers guaranteed pressure, which, along with the additional sensors, contributes to a consistent, strong seal, perfectly wrapping the product regardless of shape and size.

The stainless steel construction and bladed system are ideal for food environments, making washdowns simple and providing an anti-allergen environment.  The infeed belt is also removable for deep cleaning.

Our consumables specialists also discussed and proposed a selection of appropriate films for this application and we now supply a range of materials, including cross-linked, printed and more.

The Result – Consistent shrink wrapping

The new line is delivering ideal sealing for the desired range of shellfish, providing strong seals with flexibility to change between products.

“We can rely on the l-sealer every time, with the result that our products now look even more appealing to our wholesale and restaurant customers,” stated the Managing Director of the shellfish producer.  “We were so impressed with the result that we now have four l-sealer packaging lines across our Group, all provided by YPS.”

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