James Briggs: Whirlwind Shrink Wrappers!

Hooray for YPS! With the supply of a sixth system into the Oldham-based factory of James Briggs Consumer Chemical and Aerosol Specialists, it’s time to celebrate!

James Briggs Ltd. are a leading supplier of aerosol based paints and speciality chemicals for a multitude of different industries including well known brands such as WD-40 and Pollyfilla.

It marks a long standing relationship with us and James Briggs with their first system being supplied back in 2001. With their two latest shrink wrappers which were required to replace existing equipment and improve capacity this means James Briggs now have six of our machines on site.

The shrink wrapping equipment supplied consists of two additional side feed sleeve sealers and shrink tunnels. What is new about the equipment is that both the shrink tunnels are now fitted with an emergency air evacuation system which has been specially designed to ensure that no product can be left inside the shrink tunnel in the event of a power cut.

It works by holding a reservoir of air which is automatically released and used to drive the shrink tunnel conveyor motor in the event of loss of power.

In addition to this innovative feature,  as one of the shrink wrapping lines was optimised to cope with an increased line speed it had to be supplied with a double chamber shrink tunnel. This particular line is running in excess of 20 packs of aerosols per minute which is fast for a side feed sleeve wrapper and so provides a fairly unique line as every other side feed ever supplied before has always been supplied with a single chamber shrink tunnel. It is to be noted that all of our shrink wrapping machinery is fully aerosol compliant.

Dave Howard, Engineering Manager commented “We have been more than happy with your equipment and the backup and service provided from YPS which is why we have bought three lines from you and have made the conscious decision to rationalise all further shrink wrapping lines to  YPS”.

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