Industry Spotlight: Shrink Wrapping For Pharmaceuticals

Shrink wrapping is a versatile packaging method which lends itself to many different industries, including the medical and pharmaceutical industries. The packaging requirements for these sectors, understandably, are extremely tightly and rigorously controlled and subject to stringent tests to prevent contamination. The use of shrink wrap has many benefits that afford manufacturers in these sectors the complete peace of mind they need – especially with the Falsified Medicines Directive deadline looming in February 2019.

Here we explain how shrink wrapping is ideal for any pharmaceutical packaging operation…

Tamper-evident properties are perhaps the most important demand made of the packaging for pharmaceutical products. Any piercing, break or tears in a seal on a shrink wrapped pack are a clear and undisguisable indication of interference. From the moment the items leave the warehouse, throughout transit and until the moment it is purchased by a consumer, the condition of the shrink film is an absolute assurance that the contents remain in tact and uncontaminated by deliberate tampering. The upcoming legislation defines a falsified medicine as ‘…those medicines with little or no active ingredients, the wrong active ingredients, fake or tampered packaging, and those where products and/or packaging have been stolen for re-use or re-sale.’ With fears about tampering a very real reality in this industry, shrink wrapping is the solution that is needed.

There are further benefits of shrink wrapping for this industry that are worth highlighting. Importantly, shrink film protects medical products from potentially harmful outside forces such as moisture and dirt by creating an air-tight environment and also allow for storage in a refrigerator, water or ice – which can be critical in medical environments.

Furthermore, shrink wrapping machinery can be adapted for the pharmaceutical industry to meet its specialist needs. For example, most of our customers in this sector have purchased stainless steel wrapping machines over powder coated, due to the clear hygienic advantages and the zero possibility of contamination and rusting.

Whether pharmaceutical manufacturers turn to YPS for machinery, their shrink film supply or both, they will be reassured to know that we hold full BRC accreditation and have comprehensive traceability and product recall systems in place.

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