Behind The Branding: Blue Is The New Black

If you’re a regular visitor to our site, you may have noticed an evolution has occurred. After many years of brandishing our circular red logo, we decided it was time to hit refresh. We really hope you love its successor! But what’s the meaning behind the new branding, and why now?

Moving with the times

The opportunity for a facelift first arose in 2019 when we secured our new premises in Brighouse. We knew that a new address and phone number would warrant new brochures, letterheads and business cards to be printed when we moved in, not to mention the commissioning of new signage. So we figured what better time to refresh our image in the process? Plus, this embarkation on a new chapter in a new part of town demanded a new modern image to usher it in. Project Rebrand was on.

An Icon Is Born

We thought long and hard about our iconography. We tried and tested scores of different shapes and sizes of symbols, never quite feeling that they truly fitted our persona and our reason for being. That was until we saw the four arc icon with a central diamond. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity. Our icon is not abstract. It’s been especially designed to reflect our core business of wrapping. The shape began life as a square, representing an intact layer of wrapping film. It was then pinched at the edges to create the feeling of a shrink wrapping process, before being opened up to create a unique silhouette. Finally, the inner diamond was added to represent the wrapped product or pallet housed within. Clever stuff huh?

A New Hue

We deliberately chose to retain the colour red which we are known for, as it’s quite unique in the packaging industry. It’s a warm and positive colour that commands attention. In colour psychology, red denotes energy, passion, action, strength and excitement. YPS are passionate about what we do, the services we offer and the solutions we deliver. Red is memorable, red is alive, red is perfect for YPS.

The new hue in the mix is blue – or ‘Yorkshire Slate’ as we like to call it! Psychologically this colour is seen as a sign of stability, strength and reliability. As a family firm with four decades of wrapping experience and a wealth of knowledge, we think we’ve got all three in abundance.


Completing our visual evolution is our new typeface. Movement runs through the lettering of our logo, signalling progression, automation, a flow of energy. The unification of the ‘Y’ and ‘P’ echo a packaging production line with conveyors feeding packs through a turnkey system. Our new font conveys a technological and futuristic feeling whilst retaining an elegant design.

We’ll be rolling our new identity out across our full collateral over the coming weeks and months so stay tuned for more tweaks across the site coming soon. We really hope you love our new look as much as we do.

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