Semi Automatic

Key Features
  • Accepts any pallet width (including Euro and CHEPS).
  • Intuitive touch screen system for absolute control with ease.
  • Handles stretch up to 300%.
  • Superior build quality.
  • Film carriage safety stop supplied as standard.
  • Water proof wrapping cycle offered as standard.
  • Pallet height recognition sensor included as standard.
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Partners in excellence

We have partnered with world-leading manufacturers Mimi and Robopac to offer a selection of semi automatic stretch wrappers to meet any and all applications. These exclusive partnerships mean that we are equipped to meet any pallet wrapping requirements either for stand-alone systems or for more integrated solutions.

Our entire range of stretch pallet wrappers are supported by our award winning back up and support, including 3 years turntable warranty, 3 years parts warranty and 2 years labour warranty as standard.

Features and applications

Within the Robopac range there is a choice of over ten different fully automatic turntable models, four rotating arm systems and four standalone robot systems. Within these models there are further options available such as:

  • Low profile turntables
  • Freezer proof systems
  • Extra wide pallet wrapping
  • Duel loading pallet truck and forklift stretch wrappers
  • Automatic cut off system for films
  • Stainless steel option
  • Different styles of loading ramp

Film carriage

As standard, we also offer two types of film carriage:

  • The FRD film carriage with mechanical brake is manually adjusted and has an indicator to show the tension setting. There is also a tension on/off lever to allow film to be released for attaching to the pallet without altering the film tension. This system allows tension to be constant and not affected by the size of the film reel. This is known as a core break system.
  • The PGS film carriage is a fixed gear 250% power pre-stretch and the tension is controlled by a strain gauge, adjusted on the control panel. There are also options of 150%, 200% and 300% gears on this machine. This is known as the power pre stretch.

Whatever the exact specification required for your application, rest assured that all of our Robopac machines will wrap your pallets professionally and in mere seconds ready for transit.


The ECOPLAT range is available in two specifications; Basic and FRD. The Basic model is equipped with a panel boasting electro-mechanical buttons whilst the FRD has a panel LED display and a parameters selector integrated by JOG.

Masterplat Plus

The Masterplat range is comprised of the latest range of turntable pallet wrappers from Robopac. They are designed to offer the best features from the Ecoplat range combined with the exceptional performance of the Rotoplat range. There are two models available to YPS customers from the Masterplat range and both are available in transpallet version. The standard Masterplat models wrap pallets up to 2200 mm high, although 2400 mm, 2800 mm and 3100 mm wrap heights are also available.

Robot Master Plus

A range of entry level self-propelled wrapping machines that offer attractive design and sophisticated technology.  An agile and compact packaging tool, the Master was constructed according to the design, construction and safety criteria used to build top performance robots. Simple to use and yet equipped with many leading features, the robots can handle any working conditions.  Offered as standard are the start cycle siren, immediate stop button, blinkers that are visible during product wrapping and emergency bumpers that ensure high safety levels.


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