Rotating Ring

Key Features
  • Production capacity up to 80 pallets per hour
  • Up to 80 ring rotations per minute.
  • Accepts any pallet width (including Euro and CHEPS).
  • Superior build quality.
  • Handles stretch up to 400%.
  • Dust-proof wrapping cycle as standard.
  • Water-proof wrapping cycle as standard.
  • Compatible with all fully recyclable YPS stretch films (LDPE 04).
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Designed to reduce film consumption

The rotating ring wrapper from TOSA has been specifically created to minimise film consumption and costs. Compatible with stretch film rolls up to 750mm wide, this helps to reduce the total number of wraps required to complete the wrapping cycle, but also helps to cover a wider surface of each pallet with each encirclement, thereby increasing the stability of the load.

Pre-programmable wrapping cycles

For ease of use when your operation wraps various sizes of pallets, you can prepare wrapping programmes dedicated to each type. Variable parameters include film tension, cycle type, film pre-stretch and position of film roping.

When size matters

YPS can tailor the rotating ring wrapper solution exactly to your pallet dimensions. A larger inside diameter model is available, up to 2300mm, to wrap bulky pallet loads of up to 1300mm x 1500mm.

Backup and support

Any downtime on a high speed machine is magnified greatly compared to a low speed machine and so for this reason backup and support – should it be needed – must be first class. At YPS, we are the proud winners of the PPMA customer service award which recognised our investment in and commitment to technology for improved backup and support.

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