Stretch Wrap Film

Yorkshire Packaging Systems can supply BRC-certified, fully recyclable stretch wrap films to offer the utmost protection to palletised goods in transit or storage. These films are available in a range of widths, microns and stretch ratios to suit any application or warehouse operation and promise the highest of quality compared to competitor films on the market.

All of our stretch wrap film products are fully recyclable to LDPE level 4. 

Greener stretch films from CROCCO & YPS

YPS are UK partners of Italian stretch wrap manufacturers CROCCO. Highly respected worldwide, CROCCO are renowned for their best-in-class film offering with a conscience. They are fully committed to minimising the environmental impact of their products and it is this shared philosophy from which our partnership has been founded, as YPS also seek constantly to offer the most eco-friendly flexible packaging solutions.

Showing synergy with our ongoing activities at YPS, CROCCO focus wherever possible on downgauging stretch film thickness without compromising on performance or strength. This can equate to a 20% saving in cost and overall volumes of plastic usage year on year.

Site survey and support

All of our stretch film solutions are backed up with our professional support. This includes site survey visits where we visit your warehouse or factory and look at your current process before recommending any potential changes. Our advice will ensure that your pallet film will not only secure your loads better, but save you film and therefore money over the year.

Frequently asked questions

A blown film is created when a thick layer of extruded film emerges from a circular die and a large bubble of air is blown inside. The volume of the bubble and the original diameter and thickness of the extruded tube determine the ultimate thickness of the material. The vertical bubble, which may be many feet tall, allows the film to cool gradually as it is pulled up by rollers which then collapse the bubble and control the thin, flat tube of film as it is wound.

Cast films are produced through a linear die and ooze out onto large diameter chilling rollers. Depending on the original thickness of extrusion, sometimes the film is thinned to the target gauge by winding the resulting film faster than it is extruded. This is a horizontal process. Cast stretch films are the most common type of stretch films.

Cast films boast exceptional clarity and shine, which is useful in warehouses that use barcode scanners to identify pallets. They have excellent cling, high strength and high resist tear propagation. Their stretch capacity is up to 300% and their differential tack gives them great pallet holding properties. A low unwind noise makes cast films ideal for use in quieter working environments. By contrast, blown films have a maximum stretch of 250%, yet still offer high strength and puncture resistance. Available in clear, blue or black they have a high tack outer face and low tack inner face for elevated levels of cling. Either type of manufactured film lends itself to hand wrap and machine applications.

Stretch wrap, or pallet wrap, is used to secure items that are stacked together on a pallet prior to transportation or storage, in order to provide protection and stability. Stretch film is quite literally stretched to its maximum capacity around a load and uses its adhesive surface to cling to itself as it is wound round. The tension that is created by the elasticised film then maintains the shape and format of the bundled structures. This process is quite different to shrink film, which uses the application of heat to constrict itself around the form of an item to produce a complete seal around it.

Yorkshire Packaging Systems has consistently achieved AA grade BRC certification in the Global Standard for Storage and Distribution for many years, something which we know is of paramount importance to our customers. Our manufacturing facilities, including CROCCO, are also BRC certified. Certificates are available upon request.

A call off order is a fantastic facility we use at YPS to ensure that we always have your stretch film ready for just when you need it! It offers our customers flexibility and freedom by reserving their film in our large 20,000 sq ft warehouse, with the convenience of paying for it as they take it. All that is needed is a purchase order for an agreed amount of wrap, from which amounts can be taken as and when required, until the purchase order has been completely fulfilled. This call off facility may help some customers delay price increases due to changes in the market, when arranged with their YPS account manager.

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