Double Chamber High Speed Tunnels

Key Features
  • Accurate temperature control ensuring absolutely consistent end pack presentation.
  • Dual temperature zones for even more control and flexibility.
  • Variable speed control providing complete control of production speeds.
  • Active rotation conveyor ensuring perfect under pack shrinking.
  • Adjustable air flow system helping to achieve the best possible presentation.
  • Double insulated curtains improving consistency and reducing running costs.
  • Solid state relay temperature controllers for improved reliability and accuracy.
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Tunnels for faster speeds

For applications where shrink wrapping at faster speeds is required, we provide a range of ‘double chamber’ shrink heat tunnels. When wrapping at higher speeds, the length of the shrink tunnel has to be extended to provide the same amount of time in the tunnel in order to produce the same result.

Increased control

Our range of double chamber shrink tunnels provide two independently controlled chambers to give not only the extra length required but also far greater control over the shrinking process. This is because two sets of temperature controllers and fan motors are utilised to allow the customer to have different heat and air settings at the front of the shrink heat tunnel compared to the back. For very high end applications where absolute consistency of presentation is required this provides the best shrink wrapping solution.

Solutions for any requirements

We are able to supply our double chamber high speed shrink heat tunnels to both polyolefin shrink film and polythene shrink film specifications, depending upon the application.

When using polyolefin film, our shrink tunnels have an active rotation conveyor, ensuring perfect under pack shrinking. We would use a heavy duty, steel mesh belt complete with side chains for added strength for polythene film applications. These features come as standard on our tunnels.

Unique features

Our double chamber shrink ovens are complete with an adjustable air-flow system which helps to achieve the best possible presentation. Double insulated curtains improve consistency and reduce running costs. The solid state relay temperature controllers are designed for improved reliability and accuracy.

Unrivalled experience with YPS

We have over 40 years of experience in supplying shrink tunnels and shrink wrapping machines which means whatever your need, we have a solution to help. You can hear more about our high standards of service in our case study pages.

Our Double Chamber High Speed Tunnels in action...

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