Recycled Content Polythene Transit Shrink Film

Key Features
  • Fully recyclable polythene films with 30%+, 50%+ and 70%+ recycled content, sourced exclusively from a UK waste stream.
  • Provides identical optics and aesthetics to monolayer polythene shrink films making them ideal for scanning systems.
  • Co-extruded makeup ensures shrink and seal processes remain unaffected.
  • Exempt from the 'Plastic Tax' coming into force in 2022, unlike stretch alternatives.
  • Offers the opportunity to downgauge for reduced tonnage and machine energy consumption.
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30%+ recycled content polythene

As well as traditional polythene shrink films, we are able to supply from stock films that contain recycled content or post-consumer waste (PCW films). These highly technical co-extruded films are manufactured in the UK at a BRC-certified site, using post-consumer waste collected entirely from UK plastic waste streams. They are designed to offer a unique solution for all transit shrink applications. Currently the highest percentage of recycled content available in our film is 70% but we also supply specifications with 50% and 30% recycled content.

Unlike 100% virgin polymer films, these plastic flexibles contain polythene resin material that has been recycled and then re-granulated. These films therefore successfully meet the stringent OPRL definition of ‘recycled’ and are compatible with a circular economy model.

Furthermore, like the rest of our range, our recycled content polythene heat shrink films are 100% recyclable themselves, completing the closed-loop and translating to lower demands on resources and a reduced co2 impact of 20% compared to films without recycled content.

This range of single wound and centrefolded recycled content polythene sheeting is available in any width up to 3000mm wide in 30-150 micron and in any variation of high to low slip material.

Reduce, reuse and recycle with PCW films from YPS

Our goal is always to reduce the impact of our industry on our environment. This is why we offer a comprehensive site audit to all of our customers. We arrange to visit your site with one of our in-house engineers and one of our film experts, looking to not only reduce the micron of the current film through providing higher quality material, but also to run a film that contains a percentage of recycled content.

We have demonstrated in numerous cases that by down-gauging the micron of polythene used, a 25% reduction in film usage can be achieved and therefore a reduced overall tonnage. Using a thinner film also translates to reduced energy consumption from your machinery, as lower shrink tunnel temperatures are required to achieve shrinkage and reduced sealing unit temperatures are required to achieve the sealing process. Both shrink and seal performance is unaffected by the recycled content in the polythene. By also substituting a virgin polythene film for one with recycled content, this further reduces the raw materials used by over 50%.

Down-gauging polythene thickness in conjunction with transitioning to a PCW film helps you succeed in conforming to a REDUCE (volumes of plastic), REUSE (recycled content films) RECYCLE (fully recyclable) philosophy.

PCW: Just like new

It is typically assumed that shrink films containing recycled content suffer some adverse effects to their properties, particularly when it comes to optics and clarity or production speeds. We can confirm that our outstanding PCW films incur no penalty at all in terms of appearance when compared to virgin films and have in fact been manufactured to minimise any negative impact in wrapping performance. The co-extruded formulation of these recycled content films ensures that the shrink and stretch layers within remain unaffected by the layer of PCW material. This means that the quality, reliability and usability are of the highest standard, just as customers have come to expect from YPS films.

‘Plastic Tax’ exempt

This range of polythene shrink films boasts upwards of 30% (and inclusive) recycled plastic matter. This makes them exempt from the proposed £200 per tonne ‘Plastic Tax’ that is due to come into force in the UK in 2022. Transitioning to a PCW film now will therefore future-proof your wrapping operation.


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Fully Recyclable To LDPE Level 4

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