LIDTEC MAP Lidding Film

Key Features
  • Ideal for fresh food applications with Modified Atmosphere Packaging.
  • Barrier properties to prevent contamination and ensure a long shelf life.
  • High gloss and transparency with wrinkle-free finish for exceptional shelf appeal.
  • Anti-fog properties for clarity.
  • Suitable for use with PP, PE, PET and foam trays.
  • A choice of three shrink levels for varying degrees of product protrusion.
  • High shrinkage capacity allows for space-saving upright shelf displays.
  • Wide operating window on most types of equipment.
  • High definition printing available for branding opportunities.
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Introducing 25mu LIDTEC for Modified Atmosphere Packaging food applications; a market-leading lidding film to protect and enhance your trayed foodstuffs.

When it comes to food in the retail environment, appearance matters. That’s why Bollore has developed this high-quality top sealing film to display your products with the utmost merchandising appeal. A glossy, transparent finish, with anti-fog properties and a wrinkle-free, drum-tight shrinkage makes LIDTEC the perfect viewing window for your meat slices, meat portions, fish, cheese,  produce and convenience foods with MAP technology. Plus, appearances can be boosted with LIDTEC’s high definition colour printing capacity as customised designs can be incorporated to convey branding, storage or nutrition information and barcodes.

LIDTEC can also be supplied in three differing shrink levels which contribute to a favourable appearance. Tighter shrinkage acts to hold the food product securely in place within the tray in the position it was intended to be seen, avoiding slippage. Tighter shrink ratios can also be combined with shallower trays to produce a ‘protruded’ effect, where the size of the enclosed food can appear more generous than with deeper trays. The product integrity offered by LIDTEC via its tight shrinkage also means that trays can be stacked upright to save shelf space in stores whilst maintaining the presentation of the food. All shrinkage is controlled to prevent any tray distortion whilst enhancing the appeal of the contents.

Aside from appearance, LIDTEC films serve to protect and preserve fresh food products to achieve a longer shelf life and reduce food waste, which is critical for the retail supply chain. The addition of MAP extends food shelf life whilst the hermetic seals produced by this barrier lidding film prevents leakage and maintains this gaseous environment from packing to unpacking.

Fully compliant with EU food contact material regulations and BRC-accredited.

Fully BRC and Food Contact Approved

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