YPS Stacks Up With Shrink Wrapping For Powell Plastics!

It was another a double installation of shrink wrapping machinery for YPS when upgrading the Hull-based factory of Powell Plastics.

Powell Plastics are a leading manufacturer of plastic injection moulded storage products supplied to many of the big multiples. Following a major investment they recently won a contract to supply B&Q with their range of self assembly storage shelves as a result of this it was time for a packaging process update.

For them shrink wrapping was the obvious choice as not only would it provide a secure and presentable pack capable of surviving the distribution cycle but it would still ensure that their products look good on the shelf.

After conducting extensive product trials, the initial order was for one 800mm wide fully automatic inline sleeve wrapper and shrink tunnel which would shrink wrap the shelf packs in polyethylene (PE) shrink film. This line was then modified when we changed the PLC program in order to allow the infeed belt to be used as an assembly station.

Once the pack had been assembled, the belt is then manually activated and the whole shrink wrapping process can take place automatically. For Powell Plastics this cut down the length of the line as an additional collating area was not required – a great space saving benefit. We ensured that every step of the process was able to be completed almost within the footprint of the machine.

So pleased were Powell Plastics with this shrink wrapper and the fact that we are able to modify the line to better suit their individual factory requirements, that a second line was confirmed within just four weeks of the first one being delivered.

Gordon Wilson, Powell Plastics M.D. commented “We had no hesitation in purchasing a second unit from YPS. They did everything they said they would with the equipment performing beyond our initial expectations.”

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