YPS Set Benchmark With Shrink Wrapping Equipment!

Our brand new sleeve wrapping system supplied into to the Nottinghamshire-based firm Garden Buildings Direct has had ‘shedtastic’ results for the company.

Garden Buildings Direct manufacture and supply component parts for garden sheds, play houses, summer houses, green houses and various items of garden furniture. Before upgrading to our equipment they used to put their packs through a side sealing machine and then simply bag the products. For them this proved very problematic as the bags were not wrapped tightly enough to the packs without the machine being set to specific sizes for each product, which was cumbersome.

Our equipment means that they are now able to overcome this problem and have much more flexibility in the packaging operation. Our packaging equipment is able to accept a variety of different sized products, which are automatically detected, and the new shrinking process ensures a tightly-wrapped and secure pack every time.

The shrink wrap machine was also unique because it was supplied with 12 metres of powered integrated conveyors. Additionally we supplied it with our own YPS designed side shift accumulation system for the outfeed of the line.

Paul Payne, Finance Director commented; ‘What was most impressive was that you offered us a completely integrated system that fitted our needs and not just a standard machine, which put you ahead of the competition in our eyes.’

For us it was a rewarding task to improve the packaging solution for Garden Buildings Direct to replace their one-size-fits-all approach.

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