Shrink Wrappers Clean Up For Harrison Wipes!

When Harrison Wipes looked to automate their packaging operation, we were there to help! Harrison Wipes are an international wiping cloth specialist and have been in business for over 125 years. In order to keep up with the demands of their market, London based Harrison Wipes wanted a solution for bagging their range of wiping cloth products and this is where we came in!

We had originally supplied them a sleeve wrapper back in 2008 for  different shrink wrapping process but following that success when they wanted to automate a bagging process they didn’t have need to look any further than to us once again.

The new packaging equipment consists of two of our fully automatic L sealers with specially adapted sealing systems designed specifically to cope with polythene shrink film instead of the more usual polyolefin shrink film for this type of equipment.

We always aim to give our customers the most cost-effective solution in the long term and so the reason why polythene was used is that no shrink was required and so for just bagging, polythene provided the strongest bag at the lowest cost.

A combination of unique features were added to the machine such as print registration detection to allow the use of printed shrink film and a specially increased height sealing head to allow extra tall products to be wrapped.

Richard Rule, Director of Operations commented ‘We were so pleased with the equipment and the level of after sales backup and support on our original purchase that we were happy to return to YPS to supply a third unit.’

Glyn Johnson, YPS M.D. thinks that ‘It was great for us to be able to supply Harrison Wipes with a third line and so this last installation was relatively straight forward as it was virtually a repeat order after making sure we had specified everything correctly the first time round.’

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