YPS Put A Lid On It!

Trays are undoubtedly a great way to package your food products. Whether plastic or foam, they are lightweight, durable and protective. But to really top them off and maximise their potential, our packaging experts recommend sealing the deal with a high spec lidding film. Here we peel back the details to reveal why LIDTEC from Bollore and YPS is the perfect choice for every tray…

What is LIDTEC?

Imagine a glossy transparent window that lets your food do the talking, whilst quietly preserving its freshness, integrity and longevity. With LIDTEC, there’s no need to imagine. Your retail packs of cheese slices, chicken pieces, meat fillets, vegetables and snacks will all look better and stay fresher with our new dedicated top sealing solution, suitable for PET, PP, PE or foam trays.

This versatile film can be supplied in two formats depending on your exact requirements, either with breathable properties or with a barrier formulation for MAP applications. Yet both provide a wrinkle-free, high transparency aesthetic that is ideal for any retail setting and a strong puncture resistant membrane to house food securely and prevent contamination.

A top choice for green concerns

If you’re looking to reduce the material volumes of your plastic trays, LIDTEC is the answer. These films offer precisely controlled shrinkage to eliminate tray distortion like bending or warping whilst still providing a tight seal.  This controlled shrinking therefore allows for a dramatic reduction in the weights, density and rigidity of the trays which is a boon for producers looking to achieve ‘green’ goals of plastic reduction.

LIDTEC’s precisely controlled shrinkage also provides a tight-fitting finish that holds food in position and prevents slippage. This is ideal for retail shelf units where space is at a premium, as the trays can be stacked upright without compromising the appearance of their contents. Where shallower trays are used, retailers can benefit from the protrusion of the food afforded by LIDTEC to make the product portion look more substantial.

Lid it breathe…

Foods with a shorter shelf-life such as cheese, fish and vegetables benefit from our breathable LIDTEC top sealing film as it prevents stagnation and mould formation. But don’t mistake it’s oxygen permeability for fragility – LIDTEC shields food with its tough formulation that prevents liquid leakage and contamination. Plus, its anti-fog properties serve to prevent water droplets forming on the inside of the pack as the food breathes, retaining crystal clear clarity.

A liddle fresher for longer

Alternatively, our version of LIDTEC for MAP applications serves up some seriously positive traits for trays. Ideal for foods with a longer shelf life such as meat and convenience foods, this lidding film is designed with barrier properties to create totally hermetic seals for modified atmosphere packaging. Preservation of this gaseous environment through the use of high quality barrier lidding films has been proven to extend shelf life and reduce food waste which is critical for the retail environment.

Level up with printed LIDTEC

For producers looking to reduce secondary packaging in their operation, LIDTEC offers a clear advantage. With our printed lidding films, the need for additional labels and stickers on or inside trays is negated, as information can be displayed directly across the surface of the film in high definition colour print. Barcodes, expiry dates, ingredient lists, branding and logos can all be incorporated in a bespoke design.


With complimentary samples available now, why not give LIDTEC a tray?

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