Industry Spotlight: Chemicals And Shrink Wrapping

For the third installment in our ‘Industry Spotlight’ series, we are examining the shrink wrapping requirements of the chemicals sector.

The processing and packaging environments for companies in the chemicals industry are often punishing. Spillages can damage and rust machinery due to the caustic properties of the liquids, rendering standard equipment useless after only a short period of time. Large bottles or boxes containing several one litre or two litre products (as these products are often packaged) can have significant weights, demanding heavy-duty equipment. Because these products are also often trayless, they require a stable and robust solution. Furthermore, this industry is a classic ‘volume business’ – high packing speeds are absolutely essential to meet their demands.

At Yorkshire Packaging Systems, we have lots of experience supplying shrink wrapping equipment for businesses in the chemicals sector and catering for its specialist demands. Indeed we have recently supplied several lines to a major UK manufacturer and distributor based in Crewe. The company produce a range of household cleaning products including soap, detergents, polishes and screenwash.

Keeping their requirements in mind, the equipment that we supplied in this case boasted upgraded specifications in many areas. The lines were enhanced with full collation hardware and were modified to have multi-laned infeeds to increase speed. Easy-clean features such as removable belts were included to enable fast responses to any spillages. Critically, the models were supplied in stainless steel rather than the usual mild steel to prevent rusting and with waterproof electrics for guaranteed operator safety and peace of mind.

The heavy-duty, high speed shrink wrappers that we can offer mean that despite the challenging environments at chemical factories, our customers do not have to compromise on an efficient, high quality packaging solution.

If you need assistance packaging your chemical products, call our friendly team today on 01924 441355 or email!

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