YPS Welcome Neil To The Wrap Pack!

Neil joins YPS

The team at Yorkshire Packaging would like to introduce you to our latest recruit, Neil Pygott!

Neil has been on board at YPS for a few months now learning everything there is to know about our shrink and stretch wrapping solutions. His specialism is in packaging machinery and automation which means he has joined our established colleagues Glyn and Jonny within the machinery branch of Yorkshire Packaging.


Neil’s Career

At 16 years old Neil embarked on an apprenticeship in electrical and electronic engineering, sparking a passion that would last throughout his career. Neil successfully completed all of his apprenticeship within four years, gaining an NVQ and scooping an Apprentice of the Year award along the way. He moved on to a rewarding role as maintenance engineer in the electric motor manufacturing industry and eventually became a service engineer within the packaging sector. His remit has encompassed a huge variety of packaging automation, including labelling, coding, weighing, conveying, feeding, sleeving, metal detection and wrapping systems. Over the last five years Neil has transitioned into a skilled salesman, travelling the length and breadth of the UK whilst project managing the supply of bespoke and standard packaging equipment into businesses from a wide range of industries.

It was this proven track record of professionalism, advanced knowledge of packaging systems and his expertise spanning both sales and engineering that demonstrated Neil was the perfect candidate to take care of YPS customers, new and old.


Quick-Fire Q&A With Neil

What have been your highlights of working at YPS so far?

‘I really like the tight-knit environment here. It’s family-run at the core, but everyone feels included in that family company-wide, no matter what your role is. There’s a real team spirit at work and everyone celebrates in one another’s success.’


What excites you the most about the packaging industry?

‘It’s the feeling that I’ve contributed to the end-of-the-line stage in a product’s journey. Packaging helps people realise their goals by getting their products ready for distribution or by presenting it nicely ready for sale. I get a buzz out of helping companies reach the finished product they’ve been dreaming about, it’s very rewarding.’


Have you always wanted to work with machinery?

‘Yes, I have always wanted to work with machines in a technical way. From an early age I always had an inquisitive mind about how things worked and how they were constructed. I was forever breaking things, stripping them down and then putting them back together again!’


What do you like to do in your spare time?

‘I love walking and getting out in the fresh air of the countryside, its relaxing and invigorating. I appreciate fine dining and fine wines and of course spending quality time with my family too.’


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

‘I see myself being fully settled in here at YPS and still enjoying an exciting and rewarding career in the machinery division! ‘


Tell us an interesting fact about you.

‘Top of my bucket list would be a rally car driving experience or motorbike track racing. I have a passion for motor vehicles in general but it’s the speed element especially that excites me the most, especially with cars and bikes. I think the adrenaline rush would be amazing!’


If you would like to speak to Neil about improving your packaging machinery, call our office today on 01924 441355.