Automated Packaging Systems – Turnkey System Solutions

Manufacturers and businesses turn to us for machines, when an off the shelf solution is not available and, as you can imagine, these machines are supplied into just about every kind of industry. As part of our commitment to provide the best solutions we can now offer Palletisers. When Palletisers are mentioned, some people automatically think of robots, which you may associate with an expensive solution. However, a pick and place Palletiser is not a robot and although it offers all of the benefits and flexibility of a 4-axis robot, it is in fact a fraction of the cost.

All of our palletisers are designed to palletise packed products as efficiently as possible for reliable results, time and time again. Around 40% of our business each year comes from returning customers who have been so happy with the turnkey system provided. Browse our extensive collection of high quality shrink wrapping machinery online today, or call our friendly customer service team now for more information – 01924 441 355, or email