Stainless Steel Dairy Shrink Wrapping Systems

If it’s commercial food, milk or dairy shrink wrap machines that you’re looking for then we can help. At Yorkshire Packaging Systems we’ve been supplying stainless steel shrink wrappers to the food and dairy industry for over 35 years.

All our dairy and food shrink wrappers supplied are designed and manufactured by our specialist in-house team. Made from food-quality stainless steel, these machines are built for total reliability, low maintenance and long-term durability.

We offer food, milk and dairy shrink wrapping machines in both side feed (single or double entry) and inline configuration.

In dairy shrink wrapping, speed is usually of the essence. This is why our milk packaging sleeve wrappers use a variable speed in-feed conveyor, which has been shown to increase production speeds by almost 40%.

Typically a standard single lane in-feed machine will shrink wrap approximately 120 bottles of milk per minute. The limiting factor, in terms of speed with such shrink wrappers is the actual collation of the packs. By using a variable speed in-feed conveyor, which individually counts the packs as they are fed into the collation area much faster than normal, we can speed up the entire wrapping process.

In fact, thanks to our simple yet extremely effective new collation design, our milk machines can comfortably wrap 160 bottles per minute. By utilising our twin lane diverter system and double lane infeed conveyor, we can achieve speeds of up to 200 bottles per minute. In addition our dairy sleeve wrappers can be manufactured with single or twin side entry in both left and right hand configurations in order to support any factory layout.

We have a great deal of experience and expertise in manufacturing dairy and milk shrink wrapping machines. As a result we have the ability to design bespoke in-feeds to suit your specific pack type and collation requirements. At YPS we pride ourselves on being a family run business who puts the customers’ needs first. Our motto is “if we don’t put the customers’ needs first them someone else will”, therefore we pride ourselves on delivering the most effective, reliable dairy shrink wrapping systems if needed for each individual application.

Key Features

  • High speed low maintenance sealing jaw - with their unique design, our sealing jaws are mounted onto 40 diameter linear guide bars, for perfect jaw alignment and the strongest possible seal.
  • Jaw / product safety system – to reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Low voltage, waterproof electrics – allowing the machinery to be washed down easily and without risk.
  • Film seal cooler – for stronger seals.
  • Powerful turbo after pack-cooling fans – ensuring the packs reach maximum handling strength as quickly as possible, especially important for trayless packs.
  • CE marking conformity – to meet with Government legislation and industry guidelines.