Specialist Sleeve Sealers

Yorkshire Packaging Systems design and manufacture Specialist Sleeve Sealer machines in-house from their offices in the UK. YPS offer a number of specialist systems for specific shrink wrapping applications including dedicated bottle wrappers for the drinks industry where tray-less packs can be shrink wrapped at high speed. Heavy duty shrink wrapping systems such as the “SS” range of stainless steel wrappers aimed primarily at the dairy market, as well as specialist in-feed systems where a product can be collated automatically prior to shrink wrapping.

We design and manufacture bespoke shrink wrapping machinery to suit almost any application and offer a variety of specialist sleeve sealers including:

  • A range of  Wide Sleeve Sealers specifically designed to sleeve wrap large items.
  • Stainless Steel Sleeve Wrappers.
  • Made to order Shrink Wrap Machines for any specific shrink wrapping application.
  • A range of High Speed Bottle Shrink Wrappers – providing shrink wrapping solutions for  the mineral water and soft drinks industries.

Wide Sleeve Sealer Machines

The YPS range of wide sleeve sealers and shrink tunnels are specifically designed to be able to shrink wrap large products such as doors, windows, furniture items, sheds etc that a standard sized machine would not be capable of completing. Typically with large products such as these, the weight of the product is an important consideration. Not only can the product being shrink wrapped be very heavy but because of the size of shrink film required it can weigh up to 100 kilos.

For these reasons key component parts have to be materially upgraded to easily cope with the extra weight and the sleeve sealer machine design has to be altered from a health and safety perspective so that operators can easily load the shrink film.

Stainless Steel Sleeve Wrappers

Not only can our entire shrink wrap machine range be supplied in stainless steel should the application require it, but we also design and manufacture a range of stainless steel sleeve wrappers and shrink tunnels specifically designed for the harsh conditions of a dairy environment. As you can imagine this is a very wet and high volume production environment so stainless steel construction is an absolute requirement along with features such as low voltage electrics and a very high speed, low maintenance, heavy duty sealing jaw for absolutely consistent and reliable production when shrink wrapping.

Made to Order Shrink Wrap Machines

We are unique within the industry as the only company who still have a UK manufacturing base consisting of a large team of highly skilled engineers. This capacity allows us to not only bespoke and modify standard shrink wrapping machinery but also design and build our own range of relatively standard shrink wrappers where the customer requires either some key component parts to be integrated into the shrink wrapper or where a specialist infeed solution is required.

High Speed Bottle Shrink Wrappers

The demands of shrink wrapping collations of trayless bottles at high speed requires very specific shrink wrapping equipment. Typically these applications provide a high volume of bottles or cans to the sleeve sealer where the machine must “scramble” the product into very specific, guided lanes in order to be presented to the shrink film in the correct collation without a tray. Each shrink wrap machine is typically unique depending upon how it is fed, the type of bottle or can, the collation size and speed.

Following the success of many different sleeve sealer machine installations in the UK YPS have an unsurpassed reputation for best in class back up and support.

Key Features

  • High production speeds to reduce production time.
  • A heavy duty sealing blade for consistently strong seals.
  • Jaw / product safety device to protect the operator.
  • Perfect shrink tunnel air distribution for consistent, high quality results.
  • Automatic shrink film feed to both rolls for ease of use.
  • Automatic and manual cycle controls for convenience.
  • Programmable computer controlled memory for faster and effective operation.
  • Print registration options to enhance operations.
  • Variety of in-feed arrangements for complete flexibility.
  • Heavy duty frame construction for years of continued use.
  • Side chains in the shrink tunnel for improved strength.