Shrink Tunnels

At Yorkshire Packaging Systems we also supply a range of Shrink Tunnels to complement our shrink wrapping machinery. Shrink tunnels require accurate temperature control and a good, adjustable airflow to produce consistent packs, which is vital especially when you require retail display standard packaging.

The speed of the shrink tunnel conveyor is variable on all models. This enables you to set the speed to meet the specific production rate required, resulting in optimum pack presentation.

The most suitable shrink tunnel conveyor for use with display polyolefin shrink films is a roller conveyor system.  This allows maximum airflow to the underside of the pack, providing high quality, consistent results. With the roller conveyor packaging system, the conveyor rollers also rotate to transfer the product along the conveyor. This means that the pack actually travels faster than the conveyor itself.

This ensures that no single part of the underside of the pack is in constant contact with the belt, and therefore no markings are left on the underside of the pack. This is important for many display shrink wrapping applications and provides a clear advantage over cheaper, mesh belt systems.

We can also supply polythene specification shrink tunnels. These tunnels utilise a heavy-duty steel mesh belt for pack stability, coupled with under belt and after pack coolers.

We have been providing shrink wrap machines and shrink film since 1977 and have unrivalled expertise in the shrink wrap industry for providing high quality solutions for almost any shrink wrapping application. For more information, contact our friendly customer service team today on01924 441 355, or email us at

Key Features

  • Build quality and high level of insulation to keep energy costs down.
  • We use highly accurate solid state relay temperature controllers for improved reliability and the most accurate temperate control possible for consistent results.
  • Inverter controlled fans to provide variable speed air flow for complete control of the shrinking process.
  • Adjustable air flow to three sides to provide total control for the best possible results for your pack.
  • Yorkshire Packaging systems provide an automatic run down timer as standard which is critical for maintaining the longevity of the heaters.
  • Yorkshire Packaging Systems are concerned about energy efficiency therefore manufacture all tunnels to perform as efficiently as possible.