Semi-Automatic Sleeve Sealer

A semi automatic sleeve sealer and shrink tunnel would be recomended by Yorkshire Packaging Systems when your shrink wrapping requirements are low production and/or slow speeds, or using trayless or unstable products where flexibility is key.

Having the heat sealer separate to the shrink tunnel is far better than a ‘mono block’ design where the sealing machine and shrink tunnel are joined together for a number of reasons, not least being easier to move.

Most mono block systems are designed to save space and reduce the build cost, which in itself can of course be a good thing. However this saving usually compromises on performance as the shrink tunnel conveyor belt is situated very close to the sealing jaw, meaning that as the shrink film is sealed around the pack, the shrink tunnel belt has to stop to ensure that the heatshrink pack is stationary during this process.

The problem with this is that the packs that have previously been shrink wrapped are inside the tunnel during the pause cycle. This means that the amount of time each shrink wrap pack is inside the shrink tunnel varies, depending upon what is being shrink wrapped through the heat sealer at the time, which will then lead to inconsistent results out of the shrink tunnel, with some packs under shrunk and some usually with burn holes in the plastic film.

The YPS system ensures the sleeve wrapper and shrink tunnel are entirely independent of each other so that each pack spends exactly the same amount of time inside the shrink tunnel so that absolute consistency is achieved with the heat shrink sleeve pack.

Utilising a seperate heat sealing machine and shrink tunnel also allows a very easy and cost effective upgrade path should volumes or production requirements change. In this case YPS will happily trade in the semi automatic sleeve sealer against a faster, automatic sleeve sealer in order to increase production with minimum disruption as the shrink tunnel would remain the same.

We design and manufacture a large proportion of our semi automatic shrink wrap machines in the UK and therefore can guarantee total reliability and back up and support.

Our specially profiled heavy duty Teflon coated sealing jaw gives very consistent, strong fin seals using polythene films. This type of shrink wrapping machine is easy to maintain and will provide many years of trouble free operation.

To complement each shrink wrap machine YPS are also able to supply high quality polyolefin shrink plastic, polythene shrink film and even biodegradable plastic depending upon application type.

Key Features

  • Fully safety guarded to exceed C.E. Marking regulations.
  • Heavy duty build quality to provide years of service.
  • Available in a variety of sealing sizes and in-feed arrangements.
  • Easy and intuitive to operate.
  • Complete and utter flexibility and control.
  • ‘Best in Class’, Heavy duty Teflon blade: this sealing system is more effective than a wire as it provides consistently strong seals and requires less maintenance than a three wire sealing system.
  • Pack clamp: fitted as standard on our sleeve wrap machines. This device clamps the pack securely in place while the film seals. This is absolutely critical for collation and unstable packs.
  • Programmable pack counters to provide accurate shrink wrapping production and efficiency data fitted as standard.