Semi-Automatic L Sealer

Our range of Semi-Automatic L Sealer shrink wrapping machines are both durable and user-friendly. They offer excellent and consistent results on all shrink film, especially polyolefin shrink wrap, and with a heavy duty build quality, they provide years of consistent production.

Requiring an operator, this heat-sealing machine provides absolute flexibility. Each Semi-Automatic L Sealer can be offered as a simple bagging solution or complete with a shrink tunnel for a fully wrapped pack, providing the best possible effect for display packaging presentation.

This type of heat sealer can be supplied either as a compact combination unit L Sealer and Shrink Tunnel or as separate systems. All types of these machines are available in a variety of frame sizes to suit just about any application.

We would recommend the use of a powered film feed as it removes the weight of the plastic film rolls, making it much faster and easier for operators. The automatic sealing head is designed for operator ease and exceptional shrink wrap seal consistency. With the availability of an automatic cycle of the sealing head you can increase speeds and improve the consistency of seal quality.

Most of our semi-automatic L sealers can be supplied with a special polythene blade sealing system for use when polythene bagging is required. This additional feature offers extremely strong polythene ‘fin’ seals, so pack integrity is exceptional.

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Key Features

  • Impulse wire sealing system for easy maintenance and consistently strong seals on polyolefin shrink film.
  • Or heavy duty, specially profiled sealing jaw designed to provide the strongest possible seals on polythene shrink film.
  • Heavy duty build quality, to provide years of consistent production.
  • Available in a variety of frame sizes.
  • A powered film feed as standard, making it much easier and faster for operators.
  • The availability of an automatic cycle of the sealing head to increase speeds and improve consistency of seal quality.
  • Available in stainless steel for food and dairy shrink wrapping where exceptional levels of hygiene are required.
  • Reassurance with comprehensive after sales service backup and support, including a free service contract for added peace of mind.