Pick and Place Systems

Yorkshire Packaging Systems are now able to deliver “Pick and Place Systems” to suit any application. The special purpose design and manufacture of pick and place systems can be simple, pneumatic, six point pick and place or multi point complex programmable servo driven pick and place systems.

The pick and place system can be a purpose designed automated machine which will aid with automating the assembly of simple components but can also be used for simple palletising processes. over many years our systems division has designed and manufactured many pick and place machinery systems. These include; reorientation of batteries, the picking and placing of large sheets of insulation material, the stacking of cardboard sheets and line cross over pick and place systems to take product from one production line to another.

Most of the pick and place systems are bespoke designs which are specifically manufactured to customers requirements. Our designers have years of experience in handling some of the most difficult products.

Occasionally for more complex applications robots can also be used for more complicated pick and place scenarios. Our dedicated robot page explains this in further detail.


We can design and manufacture special purpose gripping heads which allow us to collect all manor of products.

On most pick and place systems, robot systems and palletisers often the gripper has to be purpose designed for the application. This would be based on lift trials which are undertaken before any project is started. Wherever possible we try to use our standard vacuum heads but when the vacuum head is not suitable then we would design and build a head to collect the customers products.

Key Features

  • Bespoke design and build.
  • Designed around customers specific requirements.
  • British design and British build.


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