YPS are proud supply a range of Palletisers that are designed and manufactured in the UK to provide and easy to use, compact and cost effective palletising solution.

Yorkshire Packaging Systems Palletising systems are designed to be highly durable, have a small footprint and to provide full return on costs within 12 to 24 months.

Simple to use Palletisers

With easy to follow on screen instruction

The controls for the Yorkshire Packaging Systems palletiser are displayed on a simple touch screen control device. The system has been tested with operatives to ensure the instructions are simple to understand and follow.

All the operator needs to do is –

  • Input the size of the pack (width, length and height)
  • Input the size of the pallet (width, length and height)
  • The palletiser then calculates the best stack pattern and the operator presses Go

Operators can input their own stack patterns easily with simple step by step instructions, with prompts from the touch screen.

Palletisers with Grippers to suit any application

The standard gripper can deal with almost any common pack-types using a precision vacuum grip system, controlled by a matrix of very small holes and ball valves. The gripper head can also rotate the pack 90 degrees, allowing pallet stack patterns to be easily and quickly achieved.

Palletisers designed and manufactured in the UK

By leading automation experts.

  • The Yorkshire Packaging Systems Compact Palletiser is a UK precision engineered machine that delivers world class performance and is probably the most cost effective palletiser on the market today.
  • All Yorkshire Packaging Systems Palletising Systems are designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK by a long established engineering company with a highly successful track record within the industry

For more information on any of our shrink wrapping machinery or our shrink plastic our representatives are more than willing to discuss these in more detail at any time. Please feel free to contact us today and see how we can improve your packaging process.

Key Features

  • Compact design to fit most work places.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Manufactured in the UK.
  • Highly adjustable to left, right and infeed at various heights.
  • Grippers to suit any application.
  • 10 to 12 picks per minute.
  • Lower cost.
  • Robust construction.
  • Full back up and support by UK engineers.
  • British design and British build.