Neo X

The Neo X from Hugo Beck, is a high speed wrapping system which is capable of side sealing and overlap sealing in one machine.

With a capacity of speeds of up to 18,000 cycles per hour dependable upon the specification, the Neo X is able to take products manually or automatically in line or stand alone, with equal or unequal gaps which are automatically ordered prior to shrink wrapping.

At 18,000 packs per minute this equates to 300 cycles per minute. To achieve this Hugo Beck have a patented cross seal system which is unique and unrivalled by any other manufacturer providing absolute peace of mind and reliability.

Again at such speeds it is vital that products are controlled 100% in order to ensure reliability and one of the positive side effects of this is the Hugo Beck ‘tight packaging system’. The patented, tight packaging created saves up to 10% on shrink film in length and width, thus shrinking is not always necessary.

To get the best out of this level of equipment, feeding of the product to the wrapper has to be automatic as it would be impossible to feed at this speed manually. Hugo Beck also manufacture a range of automatic feeders which integrate and synchronise directly with the wrapper for this very purpose.

Every single possible parameter is controlled by the Siemens SIMOTION control system providing absolute consistency and repeatability of settings for an unlimited number of different products. You set the parameters once and once only. With easy to use touch screen controls and a servo controlled PLC using Siemens SIMOTION with safety-functionality the Neo X is easy to set up, maintain and run.

This, coupled with our award winning customer service, back up and support creates a reliable, safe shrink wrapping set up in all factories.


Reliability and Quality

Designing and building a high speed shrink wrapping line is completely different to building a low speed line for many reasons.

The quality and durability of the design and the component parts are critical. A high speed line has to be more reliable than a low speed line because down time is so much more important.

Hugo Beck only build high speed lines which is why they are recognised as world leaders in this field. Many manufacturers build a wide range of machines and in essence use low speed technology. Whilst this may be lower cost it is a big false economy as compromises always exist. Hugo Beck have always taken a ‘no compromise’ approach which is why they are trusted with some of the world’s fastest and most demanding applications.

If it reliable speed that is required then there is only Hugo Beck.


Backup and Support

Any downtime on a high speed line is magnified greatly compared to a low speed line and so for this reason backup and support, should it be needed is first class. If there is any issue then the first point is diagnosis and so all Hugo Beck equipment has a built in router allowing YPS or Hugo Beck in Germany to dial directly into the machine and interrogate the equipment remotely.

This can be done in minutes compared to sending an engineer initially to site and in some instances issues can be fixed remotely. Once diagnosed full on site engineering support is provided if required.

YPS are the winners of the PPMA customer service award and part of this was because of our investment and commitment in technology for improved backup and support.