L Sealer and Combination Units

L Sealers

When using an L sealer for retail packaging, it is vital that the product looks attractive to consumers.  Our range of L sealers produce a high quality shrink wrap, ideal for wrapping retail packs or multi-packs where the presentation of the product is critical.  All our L-sealer machines are designed to provide the best results from polyolefin shrink film.

Our vast range of L sealers are great for just about any display packaging application including -

  • Chocolate Packaging
  • Retail Packaging
  • Gift Packaging
  • Cosmetic Packaging
  • Bespoke Packaging

With a complete range of collation options and in-feeds available, we have machines to suit just about any product and factory layout.

Key Features –

  • Designed to provide complete heat shrink enclosure of a pack for improved aesthetics.
  • Designed where good heat shrink presentation is needed.
  • Can provide a simple bagging solution but more typically are supplied with a shrink tunnel.

L Sealer and Shrink Tunnel Combination Unit

The L sealer and shrink tunnel combination wrapper is an extremely popular alternative to a separate L sealer and tunnel. It is incredibly easy to use, durable and offers excellent and consistent results on all shrink film, especially polyolefin.

One of the key benefits of a combination unit shrink wrapper compared to a separate L sealer and shrink tunnel is the smooth and constantly level transfer from sealer to tunnel. As the packing table on the heat sealer is lowered or raised to accommodate different packs, the shrink tunnel bed also raises and lowers to the same height for transfer. This is vital for unstable packs such as collations, where product movement can be critical to final pack presentation.

In order to provide the highest quality automated packaging systems possible we offer our own in-house built palletiser.  Complementing the shrink-wrapping machine as a piece of ancillary equipment this aids space saving and reduces labour costs significantly.

Key Features

  • Space saving design.
  • Constantly level sealer to tunnel transfer ideal for wrapping unstable products.
  • Absolute flexibility - can cope with almost any product.
  • Easy to use.