Flexo X

The Flexo machine from the Hugo Beck range is an entry level model. This machine is modular, flexible, and extremely cost effective, offering great returns on investment.

The Flexo X provides reliable and stable side seals for all shrink films, including bio-degradable polyolefin, polythene, polypropylene and also barrier films. Both centre fold and single wound films can be run with ease.

Hugo Beck have always recommended Bollore shrink films as they are the world leaders in thin film technology and thus unrivalled performance is achieved when used on Hugo Beck shrink wrapping machines.

The Flexo offers extremely fast format changeovers on a wide variety of products without the need for any tools thus reducing machine downtime. This level of flexibility is something which our customer have found incredibly valuable.

The machine is operated via a touch screen with simple operator guidance system. The Flexo offers options for automatic, motorised height adjustment of cross sealing, side sealing and forming shoulder. In addition corrections to the set up can be made from the display during the machine operation without the need to stop production.

The Hugo Beck Flexo model also offers a unique film path control ensuring absolute consistency and pack repeatability even at high speeds. Automatic setup is also available as an option providing a smooth, efficient set up process.

All drive motors are driven from inverters ensuring a soft start ramp up and soft ramp down when stopping. This is critical when wrapping collated or unstable products and greatly aids the use of much thinner  and narrower films without tearing.

The Flexo makes servicing and machine maintenance incredibly easy as all the important machine mechanisms can be easily accessed without the need to move the machine. The shrink wrapper is designed with quick release fasteners so all panels can be easily removed allowing service access to all working parts.

The Hugo Beck Flexo has a capacity of 5,000 cycles per hour – unbeatable in the industry at this level of shrink wrapping equipment.


Reliability and Quality

Designing and building a high speed shrink wrapping line is completely different to building a low speed line for many reasons.

The quality and durability of the design and the component parts are critical. A high speed line has to be more reliable than a low speed line because down time is so much more important.

Hugo Beck only build high speed lines which is why they are recognised as world leaders in this field. Many manufacturers build a wide range of machines and in essence use low speed technology. Whilst this may be lower cost it is a big false economy as compromises always exist. Hugo Beck have always taken a ‘no compromise’ approach which is why they are trusted with some of the world’s fastest and most demanding applications.

If it reliable speed that is required then there is only Hugo Beck.


Backup and Support

Any downtime on a high speed line is magnified greatly compared to a low speed line and so for this reason backup and support, should it be needed is first class. If there is any issue then the first point is diagnosis and so all Hugo Beck equipment has a built in router allowing YPS or Hugo Beck in Germany to dial directly into the machine and interrogate the equipment remotely.

This can be done in minutes compared to sending an engineer initially to site and in some instances issues can be fixed remotely. Once diagnosed full on site engineering support is provided if required.

YPS are the winners of the PPMA customer service award and part of this was because of our investment and commitment in technology for improved backup and support.