Duplex Palletiser

The “Duplex” Palletiser is compact with two pallet positions, for either two different products, or to palletise the same product on each side. This system allows pallet changes whilst the machine is still operating for greater efficiency.

When speed becomes an issue, then we recommend the Duplex. The Duplex differs from the compact in that there are two pallet positions. When one pallet becomes full, the second is automatically loaded.

The footprint of this model has also been kept to an absolute minimum; the Duplex is still a compact twin pallet system.

Following the success of many different palletiser installations in the UK YPS have an unsurpassed reputation for best in class back up and support.


Key Features

  • Two position palletiser allows greater efficiency.
  • Infeed conveyor.
  • Automatic pack datum mechanism.
  • Joulin multipurpose vacuum head.
  • Perspex guards.
  • Light curtain entrance guarding.
  • Double pallet location.
  • Simple touch screen controls.
  • Automatic pallet pattern software.
  • Manual pallet pattern override.
  • Up to 10/12 cycles per minute.
  • British design and British built.