Control Systems

Our in electrical house engineers, design and manufacture bespoke control panels and control systems. We have expertise in all types of PLC’s including Mitsubishi, Omron, Siemens and Allen Bradley. As a separate service, Yorkshire Packaging Systems can supply control systems for client’s individual requirements.

Our machinery building division not only develop our shrink wrap control systems but in it’s own right design and manufacture complex and high speed automated machinery. We have expertise in the development of high speed assembly machines, packaging systems and handling systems. All of these machines require control systems, which can range from a basic control system to a very intricate, high-end control system.

Our in-house team of electricians and programmers are capable of producing very simple to very complex control systems. This would typically include PLC’s, Servo Drives, Vision Systems and High End Sensing Equipment to produce machinery which uses the most up to date control equipment. Our in-house team design and manufacture control panels to the highest standards.

As a result of this Yorkshire Packaging Systems are able to customise any standard shrink wrapping system in order to suit individual customer requirements. Therefore our stock machines can be modified to include specified hardware. Our standard machines are supplied with Omron and Siemens control equipment however if other manufacturers hardware is required then this can be changed and reprogrammed to suit your existing factory specifications. This is only possible due to the development of our turnkey systems division.

Key Features

  • Bespoke design and build.
  • Designed around customers specific requirements.
  • British design and British build.

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