Hugo Beck

Hugo Beck are widely accepted as world leaders in high speed side sealing shrink wrapping systems. With a global reputation for providing the best technical solutions to a variety of high speed applications. We are the UK’s sole distributor of Hugo Beck Machinery, a fitting partnership with nearly 100 years’ collective experience in the Shrink Wrap industry.

Flexo X

The Flexo machine from the Hugo Beck range is an entry level model. This machine is modular, flexible, and extremely cost effective, offering great returns on investment. The Flexo X […]

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Servo X

The Servo X Range, is the mid range shrink wrapper from Hugo Beck with wrapping capacities of 5,000, 8,000 or 10,000 cycles per hour depending upon the chosen model and application. […]

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Neo X

The Neo X from Hugo Beck, is a high speed wrapping system which is capable of side sealing and overlap sealing in one machine. With a capacity of speeds of […]

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