Automatic L Sealer

An upgrade from our Semi Automatic L Sealer, our Fully Automatic L sealer shrink wrap machine has been designed to be used without operators. Products are automatically detected leading to faster speeds. This type of heat sealing machine is available in a variety of sizes to facilitate most applications.  Our automatic L Sealers offer an effective and efficient solution where a human controlled heat-shrink process doesn’t provide high enough throughput.

Automatic L Sealers are easy to use and extremely reliable, and have become one of our most popular models for medium speed display packaging applications. A good quality effect is always achieved using either polyolefin or polythene shrink film.

There are a number of unique features making our Automatic L Sealers one of the most versatile on the market. Of particular interest is our height adjustable sealing system, which provides improved plastic film pack presentation and flexibility on high products. The inverter driven variable speed in-feed and out-feed conveyor belts provide complete flexibility and control with unstable products.

The “kissing” conveyor system allows small packs to be wrapped with ease.  The unique automatic tracking device ensures reliable set up with minimum operator involvement. This type of Automatic L Sealer machine is robust, reliable and has a very easy to use eye level operator interface. Shrink wrapping speeds of up to 30 packs per minute.

YPS has a shrink tunnel to complement every machine, including Manual L Sealers, Combination L Sealers, Semi-Automatic L Sealers and Fully Automatic L Sealers. Our range of tunnels are designed to give optimum control and consistency through the use of upgraded heating elements that are so reliable they come with a five year warranty as standard. The use of an active rotation shrink tunnel belt ensures perfect results on the underside of the pack where lower cost mesh belts can mark the film on the pack.

To complement each machine, we also supply high quality polyolefin shrink film,polythene shrink film and even biodegradable plastic depending upon application type.

Key Features

  • A choice of sealing systems available depending upon shrink film type.
  • Shrink wrapping speeds of up to 30 packs per minute.
  • 'Kissing' conveyor system, essential if small packs are to be wrapped.
  • Height adjustable sealing head for perfect seal alignment on the final pack.
  • Heavy duty build quality, to provide years of consistent production.
  • Available in a variety of frame sizes and stainless steel.
  • Reassurance with comprehensive after sales service backup and support, including a free service contract for added peace of mind.