Polythene Shrink Film

Yorkshire Packaging Systems supply high quality polythene shrink film from a reputable, long standing company based in the United Kingdom.

The company have a highly experienced team of people that have proven track records in the UK Packaging industry over many years.

Their core philosophy is based around manufacturing excellence; whether we are supplying shrink films to convertors or packaging films for use on high speed lines, we understand that the consistency of OUR products has a significant effect on the productivity of our customers.

With fully accredited to ISO 9001:2008. All their polymers and master batches are produced by the major suppliers and comply with all exisiting legislation including BRC.

As they are not involved in converting to individual bags or printing, all of their efforts are directed to the production of the highest quality plastic film and their distribution.

Polythene shrink film (LDPE) is still a relatively inexpensive method of packaging most goods that need to be transported. It is extremely light and, as a result, adds very little to the weight of the product. As a result, transport costs are kept to a minimum compared to certain other packaging mediums. All of the shrink wrap that they supply can be fully recycled.

Yorkshire Packaging Systems have over 35 years experience in providing a total shrink wrapping solution and has a reputation for the highest standards of original equipment quality and after-care support. We pride ourselves on providing the customer with the best quality shrink plastic to suit their application and demands.

Our BRC Certified warehouse enables us to store polythene shrink films for fast delivery and provide a quick response alongside a call off order system.

Key Features

  • High strength.
  • Low impact.
  • Available in both high and low slip.
  • Multi-perforation optional.