BTT – Low Gauge Polyolefin Shrink Film

Bolphane BTT polyolefin shrink film offers high shrink performance, unmatched optics and outstanding machinability.
The BTT shrink film is Bollore’s latest development in thin film technology and offers the same level of performance as our current 13-15 Micron films. Customers can enjoy extra metres, strength and optics improving finish; cutting production costs and cutting time wasted changing reels.

BTTXF 13 Cross linked Shrink Film (BRX)

BTTXF is a multi layer, cross-linked, polyolefin soft shrink film. It is soft enough to wrap products that easily distort, but also extra strong to package irregular shaped items. Applications include printed and converted paper products. High free shrink in BTTXF allows for packaging of irregularly shaped items, and produces the highest quality package aesthetics for transport and shelf appeal.

BTT+125 Shrink Film (BY)

The BTT 12 micron shrink film has been created to be used in situations where high-speed shrink wrapping equipment is running. It is designed to perform on standard as well as oddly shaped items of all ranges from multimedia applications to office supplies, and is considered as a match to our successful 13 and 15 micron BY film.

BTTX 11 micron Cross linked Shrink Film (BZ)

The BTTX 11 micron shrink film is manufactured throughout a proprietary cross-linked process and formulated with high tech resins, to provide the latest in extra strong Thin Gauge technology. Its superior impact strength, broad operating window and high seal strength make ensure it can match the performance of other 15 Micron films, while proving a cost effective option through its extra roll length.

BTT +9 Shrink Film (BE/BX)

Like the BTT+125, BTT+90 is designed to be used in situations where high speed equipment is running. Its hot slip properties, excellent optics and outstanding shrinkage coupled with Pre-perforation neglecting the need for perforation units, make it an appropriate option for wrapping multimedia or publishing items such as gift wrapping.

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