The Importance of Service & Support

When shrink wrapping is a new possibility for customers they often ask us why it is so important and the benefits it can offer them. Sound a familiar situation? Well let us tell you…

Shrink wrapping continues to expand particularly as many manufacturers and suppliers are keen move away from using cardboard boxes. Not only is it a far more cost effective solution than cardboard cartons, usually saving between 50-75% on material alone it has also been proven to be much more efficient as the equipment has the ability to collate products automatically with the added bonus is that there is no box to erect.

In addition to this shrink wrapping saves space within the warehouse and distribution environment as one pallet of shrink film can package the equivalent of 15 pallets of cardboard. As you might expect, this reduction in material requirement also is also considered to be more environmentally friendly as less packaging is used and what is used is 100% recyclable.

As the UK’s leading shrink wrapping supplier we have found that the importance of service and support within the industry and the availability of UK held spare parts is often overlooked by other companies on the market.

As technology continues to improve, machines are increasingly becoming faster and faster in order to keep up with consumer demand. In keeping with this we are able to supply a wide variety of high speed side sealers designed to work with high clarity polyolefin shrink films. One of the mid-range machines that we can supply has the ability to wrap up to 130 packs per minute and we have found that fast response service and support is business critical and will continue to become more and more of a priority as technology continues to improve and faster machine speeds are required.

As you can probably imagine when using machines such as these, reducing downtime is crucial as for every minute that the equipment is down there are 130 packs per minute missing from production. Just ten years ago, half of this speed would have been at the top end of the market however faster machine speeds have meant that the industry has become more reliant on the output speed. This means that service and support is and continues to be the most important element for us when supplying machinery. The industry requires trustworthy, improved speed, reliable machinery coupled with first class back up and support which we make a priority.

The high speed side sealers which we supply are coupled with energy efficient shrink tunnels with infrared technology which reduces the power requirements needed for the machinery. In keeping with this, we also supply high clarity, low shrink temperature shrink films from Bollore in order to keep the carbon footprint of the machinery at a minimum, yet another advantage of using our shrink wrappers over cardboard boxes for packaging.

For those who are keen to undertake an environmentally friendly approach to their packaging process we can say that we were the first UK suppliers of biodegradable shrink film (BYO) which has been developed by Bollore. This film shrinks at the highest free shrink ratio of any film on the market for improved presentation and also seals and shrinks much faster and at considerably lower temperatures than any film currently available. This in itself has considerable environmental benefit.

An advantage of being able to offer this is in response to the any thousands of tonnes of polyolefin shrink film that ends up in landfill every year. Our BYO film, through a process of oxidation ensures that the film will dis-integrate into components which are ‘bio-assimilated’ by soil micro-organisms ensuring that the film will completely disappear in under three years compared to over three hundred years for conventional polyolefin shrink films.

Importantly, BYO is also fully recyclable as many polyolefin shrink films currently are and so this important avenue is not lost through the use of BYO. However statistics show the vast majority of polyolefin shrink produced today still ends up in land fill and so our BYO is the first polyolefin material in the world to address this issue.

Our BYO film has been designed to cope with the ever demanding applications of high speeds which are continuing to get faster as technology advances and demands increase and therefore is a perfect fit for our high quality machinery and compliments the first class back up and support which we offer.