Service Contracts

A service contract is included free of charge with any new shrink wrapper supplied by us, in addition to a full parts and labour warranty. If you were to have a warranty issue then you would be covered with an immediate response to rectify the problem.

Contracts can be extended without cost for a longer period than a year. In addition as a service contract holder will receive 15% discount on any additional spares or service work including consumable items.

Priority Service Contract

The Priority Service Contract scheme provides regular servicing of your machinery, ensuring that all parts are kept in excellent condition. The service includes reports and a breakdown of the current status of your shrink wrapper. You will also receive:

Peace of Mind

  • Planned and preventative maintenance means less downtime as machinery is kept in a better working condition.
  • Wealth of experience with almost 40 years’ experience as a business.
  • Servicing carried out by a highly skilled team of dedicated service engineers.
  • Priority response in  breakdown situations.
  • All spare parts are kept on the shelf in the UK.

Incredible Value

  • Excellent value compared to the equivalent call out cost.
  • 15% ongoing discount on all spares supplied.
  • Fixed cost however long the duration of the contract.

Total Flexibility

  • Ability to use a service visit to cover a breakdown situation and still get the service carried out at the same time.
  • Servicing schedules to suit you, not the other way round.
  • Absolute flexibility with no time limits set.

Key Features

  • Shrink wrap machinery spares despatched daily from stock, meaning that you can sometimes receive them within a few hours of your order.
  • Fast call-outs to minimise production hold-ups.
  • Servicing that fits in with YOUR timetable, not the other way around.
  • Spares for almost all brands of shrink wrap machinery.
  • Everything from performance enhancements to a complete re-build of your existing shrink wrapper.

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