Success for UK built, low cost palletiser

Success for UK built, low cost palletiser

We aim to challenge continental dominance of palletiser manufacturing after an enthusiastic response to the launch of our home-grown machine designed specifically to make palletising systems that are cost effective for low and medium speed packing operations, and which compete with overseas rivals on quality but beat them on price.

Imported palletisers usually cost around £70,000 to £80,000, however our systems division has designed a system which has allowed us to come into the market at just £45,000, meaning customers are now able to recover their capital costs within just 18 to 24 months on investment.

We design and manufactures automated packaging solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications and have previously produced a number of bespoke palletisers. To produce our first standard model, we called in specialist supplier Scattergood & Johnson. With well-established expertise in industrial automation, they were able to help advise on the best way to fully automate the palletiser. Gary Spokes of Scattergoods said “It has been very rewarding to help produce a palletiser which deserves to be a market leader.

Integral to the success of the design is the touch-screen Human Machine Interface (HMI) which controls the machine and an EXOR eTOP 400 HMI running the advanced software suite jMobile. The HMI allows the operator to input the size of the packs and pallet, and then calculates the best stack pattern. Operators can also input their own stack pattern using the HMI’s graphical user interface and so no programming skills are required.

Additional features giving it a unique edge over competitors are optional remote connectivity for off-site assistance and configuration, data logging for performance trending and error reporting and alarms to help minimize downtime.

This remote connectivity is further enhanced by the inclusion of a Westermo remote access router which allows secure encrypted access to the palletiser from any PC with an internet connection. The router can be configured to use existing site networks or to take advantage of the latest range of GPRS modems which mean that the machine can be completely isolated from customer networks and reduce interface times with IT departments.

To ensure successful integration with any production line, the palletiser is also supplied with its own powered infeed conveyor, adjustable to match the height of any existing conveyor system.

The system is built around a modular design so can be upgraded as time goes on, has a very small footprint, is intuitive, flexible and incredibly easy to use. The build quality is robust and the machine is rated to move packs weighing up to 30kgs. Furthermore, because the palletiser is manufactured and assembled in the UK at our premises, spare parts are readily available, usually on a next day delivery service.