More shrink wrappers for fast growing Kingdom!

More shrink wrappers for fast growing Kingdom!

It’s a cause for celebration as a 3rd YPS shrink wrap machine has been delivered into the Cowdenbeath factory of Kingdom Cheese. As one of Scotland’s premier cheese suppliers and dairy businesses, Kingdom Cheese have two distinctly different operations on two sites that are immediately adjacent to each other.

Kingdom Cheese supplies mainly food service wholesalers and pizza chains within the Pizza Sector in the UK, Ireland and Europe with Mozzarella Cheese, and Cheddar mixes

Kingdom Dairy is an extremely diverse dairy manufacturing business whose customers include major supermarket chains, food service wholesalers and food manufacturers supplying products such as cottage cheese, soft cheese and cultured creams such as Soured Cream and Crème Fraiche.

Following strong growth over the last few years a total of three fully automatic side feed stainless steel shrink wrappers have been supplied for wrapping mainly trayed products.

The shrink wrapping equipment supplied was upgraded to full stainless steel due to the wet working environment where mild steel would not have been sufficient.

In addition the shrink tunnel belt was also upgraded to incorporate side chains to prevent the shrink tunnel belt from stretching over time, compared to the more common cheaper friction driven system.

John Mullen, Kingdoms Managing Director  “We have been more than happy with YPS equipment and the backup and service provided from YPS which is why we have bought three lines from them in such a short period of time and have made the conscious decision to rationalise all further shrink wrapping lines to YPS”.