Jersey Dairy choose Yorkshire Shrink Wrapper!

Jersey Dairy choose Yorkshire Shrink Wrapper!

Once again we have gone this extra mile and this time it is to the isle of Jersey with the installation of a second shrink wrapper in to the famous Jersey Dairy.

Jersey milk is known as a premium brand the country manufacturing quality milk, cheese, yogurts, ice creams just to name a few since 1954. This popular brand decided to make investments in a new shrink wrapper as part of a plan to cope with increasing demand for their products.

The equipment which we provided was our fully automatic inline sleeve wrapper which we upgraded to a full dairy specification including stainless steel due to the wet working environment. For a dairy environment mild steel would not have been sufficient. We also upgraded the shrink tunnel belt to prevent stretching from high output by incorporating side chains in favour of a more common, cheaper friction driven system.

David Parmiter, Jerseys’ Head of Production commented “We have been more than impressed with YPS equipment and the backup and service provided. It helped that YPS had such a clear understanding of our needs due to their long standing expertise specifically in our industry and so specification through to installation and training was extremely smooth.’

For over 20 years we have been manufacturing and modifying our shrink wrappers specifically for the dairy industry which certainly helped us to win this prestigious order along with the superior technical specification which we are able to offer in comparison to other models available on the market..