Ideal Standard choose YPS Shrink Wrappers again!

Ideal Standard choose YPS Shrink Wrappers again!

We did it again…!!! With the installation of our third wide automatic inline sleeve wrapper to Ideal Standard within just twelve months!

Ideal Standard, are the home of leading brands such as Armitage Shanks and Trevi to name just a few are the world’s premier producer of bathroom products.

It is with great pleasure that we were able to supply their Hull based factory with a 2.6m wide inline sleeve sealer and shrink tunnel in the first quarter of the year to shrink wrap shower enclosures and doors, quickly followed up by a 1.5m wide system for their range of shower bases in the second half of the year.

So pleased with our machinery were Ideal Standard that when shrink wrapping equipment was required for their Middlewich site later in the year to wrap complete toilet assemblies, they looked no further than to us again.

This third line was the same width as the second shrink wrap machine supplied to their Hull factory, measuring 1.5m in width, although it has a much higher aperture to be able to accept the larger product.

This equipment was again upgraded by us in a number of key areas to cater for packs up to a maximum weight of 80 kilos and provide high optical properties on the shelf.

John Goodwin, senior operations manager for Middlewich explained. ‘It helped that YPS had such a clear understanding of our needs and so specification through to installation and training was extremely smooth. Staying with YPS was an easy choice and we are as pleased with this line as Hull has been with their two units.’