Faster Packing by Shrink Wrapping!

Faster Packing by Shrink Wrapping!

Up to the top of the UK our shrink wrappers go….including an extra wide specially modified inline sleeve wrapper into the newly expanded Perth based factory of Shore Laminates.

Shore Laminates are a leading specialist manufacturer of laminated products and in particular ‘WetWall’ which is a paneling system designed as quick and cost effective replacement to conventional tiles in wet applications.

Shore Laminates have seen unprecedented growth in this area of their business and so efficiency in the manufacturing and packaging of the product became more important.

Previously they used to box each individual panel which as you can imagine was very slow and expensive and so the introduction of shrink wrapping has provided a means to drastically reduce packaging costs and improve throughput by 300%.

The shrink wrapping equipment which we supplied consisted of a fully automatic inline sleeve wrapper and shrink tunnel measuring 1500mm in width. Due to the largest board measuring over 3m in length, the outfeed conveyor had to be extended in order to allow the sealing process to be completed before the pack traveled into the shrink tunnel.

We upgraded the equipment in a number of areas to be able to comfortably accommodate their relatively heavy packs. An example of this is that the shrink tunnel belt incorporates side chains ensuring that the belt can never stretch.

Due to the width of shrink film required, the weight of each roll is relatively high and so a special hoist system was added for ensuring that the top roll of film is easily fitted onto the machine for ease of operator use, along with a newly designed and unique double roll holding system.

Tom Byrne, Shore’s Production Manager went on to say “We now have a much more efficient packaging process which is faster and more cost effective and we are extremely pleased with the equipment and the service offered by YPS”.

For us it has been great to help Shore Laminates move towards a more automated process and to benefit for the huge cost and time savings that come with doing so.