Faith in YPS Shrink Wrappers!

Faith in YPS Shrink Wrappers!

Faith in Nature have undertaken an extreme expansion plan as the popularity of their products, which are 100% natural have grown rapidly recently following a huge shift in culture and attitudes towards “green” products. In order to keep up with rising demand two of our fully automatic side feed sleeve wrappers were added into their Manchester factory.

Both of the fully automatic side feed sleeve wrappers and shrink tunnels are designed to be able to handle trayed and trayless packs as per each individual customers requirements. We modified the infeed belts by extending them so they would fit perfectly into their existing production lines. This meant that the factory floor space was utilised by giving the smallest machine footprint possible.

As you can imagine….these popular products come in a variety of shapes and sizes and so as a result the machine was modified substantially to be able to cope with over 70 bottles a minute in a variety of trayless collations regardless of the bottle size or configuration. It was critical we got the infeed correct in order to handle so many bottle designs and so we put a lot of time and effort to getting the design of this right.

Since upgrading to our machinery Faith in Nature have been able to substantially reduce packaging and labour costs whilst increasing volumes.

David Ditchfield, General Manager commented ‘The installation went extremely smoothly and we are now reaping the benefits’.