American Standard choose YPS for Shrink Wrapping again!

American Standard choose YPS for Shrink Wrapping again!

Our second wide automatic inline sleeve wrapper has now been fitted into the Hull based factory of American Standard, all in the space of twelve months.

American Standard, are the home of leading brands such as Armitage Shanks, Ideal Standard and Trevi just to name a few and they are considered to be the world’s premier producer of bathroom products.

We supplied them with a 2.6m wide sleeve sealer and shrink tunnel in the first quarter of the year which was needed to shrink wrap a range of shower enclosures and doors. So pleased were American Standard that when a second machine was required for their shower bases department, they did not need to look any where else other than to us once again.

This second shrink wrapping line was not as wide as the first machine, measuring 1.5m in width and this machinery is being used to securely shrink wrap a variety of shower bases.

This shrink wrapping equipment was upgraded in a number of areas in order to accommodate their packs which in some instances can weight as much as 80 kilos.

As a result of their product sizes they require extra wide shrink film rolls which can be quite heavy for operators to change over and so we provided them with a hoist system for ensuring the top roll of film is easily fitted onto the machine along with a new and unique double roll holding system.

Stuart Bullock, senior operations manager explained that ‘Staying with YPS really was a logical choice and we are as pleased with this line as we were with the first’.

This experience is typical of many of our customers to the extent that over 40% of our sales in any single financial year are now from existing customers making repeat purchases. This high level would not be achieved if we didn’t get things right first time.