French Packaging Awards

French Packaging Awards

The 54th edition of the French Packaging Awards took place in Paris on the 26th of November.

Another string to add to our bow was won in the ‘ENVIRONMENT/SUSTAINABILITY’ category where Bolloré were honoured for its Bolphane® BHE 120 shrink film which is part of our extensive film range.

The jury, composed of professionals from the industry, liked Bollore’s ‘optimal use of raw materials, allowing for a source reduction while maintaining the final product’s high performances’.

As specialist in ultra thin packaging films, Bolloré innovates once again with its Bolphane® BHE 120, the first 9 micron 100% recyclable polyolefin shrink film.

This film also gives a much longed for answer to environmental and economical issues as fewer raw materials are used, representing a weight reduction of up to 40%. Furthermore, less energy is needed for processing, allowing a machine setting of at least 20° C less in the shrink tunnel compared to competition.

An increased length per roll results in less downtime on packaging lines, and also in savings on storage space and a decreased quantity of packaging material to handle (core tubes, pallets, boxes…).

The Bolphane® BHE 120 shrink film has been perfectly adapted to high-speed packaging of small and medium-sized articles like magazines and booklets, gift-wrap, multimedia products and stationery and was tested successfully on leading-brand automatic packaging machines coming out on top in every instance.